"So many children grow up in poverty,
lacking positive role models, and safe places to play.
We are committed to changing this."


After an unbelievable career as a professional footballer spanning 20 years, Michael Carrick is one of the most decorated English footballers of all time.

Now captaining Manchester United, Michael is taking things seriously on and off the pitch and is beginning to tackle a new set of goals.

Following an incredible testimonial this Summer, Michael is pleased to announce that
THE MICHAEL CARRICK FOUNDATION is fully operational and some exciting projects will be announced in the New Year. Michael would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of the amazing fans, supporters and partners for the tremendous support given, helping to raise the incredible sum of £1.5million.

Michael wants to use this money to develop opportunities for children to feel safe, valued and inspired to achieve so that they, can make the best of their life and fulfil their full potential.

After growing up spending much of his time at Wallsend Boys Club, he knows that the support and services available to him when he was growing up have helped him become the man he is today, both on and off the pitch. And now, on behalf of children local to the communities closest to his heart, Michael is committed to providing additional investment and support in a sustainable way.

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